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When a family member or resident in a household strikes or threatens to harm a person, that person can seek protection through the court system. In California, this is called a restraining order. In Nevada, it is called protective order. Whatever they are called, such orders have the power of the law behind them.

When an order is issued against a person, he or she may have to leave the home, lose custody or visitation rights, or be barred from contacting or coming near the complainant. In California, the most serious order is the domestic violence restraining order. Violation of such an order can result in a criminal charge and possible jail time.

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The laws and procedures covering restraining orders are slightly different in California and Nevada, though the basic process is the same:

  • Upon application by a complainant, a temporary order is issued against the adverse party.
  • A civil hearing regarding the issuance of an extended order is held. In this hearing, both parties can present evidence in support of or opposing the issuance of an extended order.

Whether you wish to obtain a restraining order or prevent the issuance of an order, you need effective legal representation at the civil hearing. Merely telling your side of the story may not convince the judge that you are right.

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At Watkins & Letofsky, LLP, we work tirelessly to protect our clients' rights and achieve their goals. An attorney at our firm can represent you in the civil hearing to present evidence that corroborates your story. We can also represent you if you wish to renew a restraining order, lift it or change the conditions attached to an order.

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