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Five common myths about sexual harassment at work

Sexual harassment is a serious matter, and it's more common than many people know. One Trades Union Congress (TUC) report found that 52 percent of women have experienced some form of sexual harassment at work, yet four out of five women fail to report these instances to their employers.

Identifying sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious issue. Many employees are subjected to illegal and unwelcomed behavior at work more often than other people realize. You have rights in the workplace and can take legal action against your employer if you have been the victim of sexual harassment.

What to consider when making office dating policies

Whether you are a small business owner or oversee a multinational corporation, having a dedicated, yet collegial workplace is critical to the success of the business. You want colleagues to have great working and interpersonal relationships, but you are always mindful of what can happen if co-workers develop romantic relationships.

Could your prospective employee be a sex offender?

The social stigma of sex crimes is like no other in our society. Essentially, we think of people charged with these crimes (and convicted of them) as social pariahs; people who we do not want to live around, have our children around, and do not expect them to rejoin our society as workers in a number of industries.

How employers can avoid trouble from holiday parties

One of the traditions that the holiday season brings is office holiday parties. This is the time of year where employers regularly thank their employees for the service throughout the year. Indeed, what employee would not like a holiday party? Also, it is also an opportunity for employees to bond and socialize with other people in the organization that they would otherwise not have a chance to meet.

When does it cross the line into sexual harassment?

Even those fortunate enough never to be the victim or witness of sexual harassment at work can likely imagine what a clear-cut case would look like. A harasser who fondles employees or makes clearly inappropriately sexual statements, and threatens victims with termination if they complain, is clearly violating those victim’s right to a safe, nontoxic work environment.

Dealing with sexual harassment at the workplace

Sexual harassment occurs in every profession. State and federal statistics report thousands of such incidents each year. Reporting sexual harassment, however, is seldom an easy process. Employees who file complaints also sometimes face negative consequences. This in turn discourages such individuals from filing complaints to begin with.

What one racy lawsuit can teach workers and employers

The media has been buzzing lately about a high-profile gender discrimination case with roots in the halls of a prominent venture capital firm. The buzz primarily surrounds the racier aspects of the case, which involve an office affair, an inappropriate encounter between colleagues at a hotel and a nude photo book. However, the reason why this particular case is vitally important is that the most pressing aspects of the case include issues which could occur in any workplace across the nation.

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