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Attorneys Protecting Senior Citizens

Seniors are among the most rapidly growing demographic in America. As the baby boomer population ages, elderly Americans are becoming targets for abuse and exploitation. Sometimes their dependence on caregivers places them in a vulnerable position, potentially allowing others to take advantage of them in tragic ways.

Elder abuse covers much more than physical abuse. It also encompasses numerous forms of financial exploitation. Caregivers may misuse an elderly person’s personal checks, credit cards or accounts for their own personal gain. Other types of financial abuse include:

  • Scams
  • Phony charities
  • Fraudulent investment schemes
  • Unfair mortgage deals
  • Predatory lending

Beyond just estate planning, asset protection, benefit planning and other forms of senior planning, elder law encompasses many areas of law. The increased prevalence of elder abuse has brought these issues to the forefront of the legal profession. Unfortunately, the financial challenges associated with hiring an attorney may prevent elders and their families from seeking the legal help they need.

Affordable Legal Guidance For Elders From All Walks Of Life

At Watkins & Letofsky, LLP, we are passionate about providing affordable, high-quality legal services to protect elders who have been victims of financial or physical abuse. We work with clients from diverse backgrounds and income levels. Our firm offers flexible fee arrangements — including flat fees, contingency fees and payment plans — to ensure that clients are comfortable and confident in their choice of representation.

In such a sensitive area of law, it is critical to find a firm that is passionate about seeking justice for elderly Americans who have been wronged. At Watkins & Letofsky, LLP, we are committed to zealously representing our clients and their families. To us, elder law is not just another practice area; it is a passion. Our attorneys have extensive experience in the elder law field through in-depth training, education, practice and volunteer work in the community.

We combine aggressive advocacy with a compassion for the elderly that is rarely found in the legal profession. The consideration we have for our clients — and our dedication to combating elder abuse — sets us apart from the rest.

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