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If You Are A Related To Someone Who Was Administered Remdesivir And Passed Away, And Are Seeking Legal Help Regarding Their Case, Please Read Below:

Thank you for reaching out. Please use the link below to enter your information and it will be sent straight to our team.

After filing a lawsuit on behalf of several people in California who lost loved ones, we’ve received many calls from people seeking help regarding the use of remdesivir on their loved ones. Our team is currently working hard to gather information from those people who suffered a fate similar to the clients we currently represent related to remdesivir protocol. The information our office needs is all included in the form below. Please click the link to submit the information regarding your loss and we will process it as quickly as possible.

If you do not hear from us within 2 months, please try back. Also, you may want to look for other attorneys as there are certain time limitations within which these matters must be filed. Completing the intake form does NOT create an attorney client relationship. It will, however, submit your information to our office for review and the information submitted will remain confidential.

Sending you strength through this hard time. We are trying to work as quickly as possible. We’re currently receiving information from individuals across the country. We currently can practice only in California and Nevada, but we are currently looking for attorneys in other states.