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Employee rights in Nevada

Since modern businesses have existed, there have been disputes about the rights of employers and their workers. In the past, workers often had to endure unreasonably harsh conditions and working environment in order to earn any wages at all, but modern employment laws seek to fix many of these issue.

What rights do temporary workers have?

In our fast-moving economy, there are more temporary workers than ever before. Employers now use contract workers to fill a variety of needs, from long-term to last-minute. Whether you have a job in food service, retail, construction or any other line of work, you're working just as hard as anyone with a permanent job to earn your wages. The economy could not function without you.

What to know about your employee rights

If you are an employee or are looking for work in California, you have the benefits of some of the most protective employment laws in the United States. While federal law sets some minimum standards that employers must follow, state law sets additional guidelines and gives employees additional rights.

When workers suffer from postpartum depression

A significant number of women suffer form some form of postpartum depression or anxiety after they give birth. As the body’s hormone levels surge and consequently strive to adjust to those surges, women can suffer from mood swings, uncharacteristic thought patterns and feeling truly blue. In fact, milder forms of postpartum depression are often referred to as “The Baby Blues.” Most women can successfully weather this milder form of depression for the few weeks that it tends to stick around.

Many older workers are struggling with age discrimination

In 1997, 15,785 age discrimination claims were filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). In 2013, a staggering 21,396 claims alleging this type of employment discrimination were filed with the agency. Partially due to these raw numbers and partially due to the stories of affected workers being highlighted by the media, it has become apparent that age discrimination is on the rise in the American workplace.

Fired California Catholic teacher alleges wrongful termination

A wedding ceremony is the beginning of new chapters in the lives of two people in love. In the case of a California Catholic high school teacher, his wedding ceremony was the beginning of the end of his employment.

California whistleblower prevails in wrongful termination lawsuit

The job of a psychologist at the California Department of State Hospitals facility for the mentally ill was to evaluate patients committed by criminal courts. She was to help determine whether a prisoner was mentally competent to stand trial.

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