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Understanding the basics of wage theft

Under both state and federal law, workers are entitled to certain wage and hour protections. In general, workers are not only entitled to a minimum wage, they are entitled to the wages they have been promised they will earn in exchange for their performance as detailed in their employment contracts. However, even workers who have not signed explicit employment contracts are protected under the law. This last point is especially important for migrant workers and other populations who may not have access to explicit contractual language.

Do I need a lawyer for my wage and hour issue?

There are some situations in life that compel individuals to seek out the assistance of a trained professional. For example, if you were suffering from a heart attack, you would go to the hospital. Attempting to weather this heart attack without the assistance of professional healthcare providers could prove to be a fatal decision. Similarly, if you are looking to build a house, you would consult a trained contractor as building one on your own could lead to any number of injurious and otherwise unsafe situations.

LinkedIn compelled to properly compensate employees

Many young and middle-age adults belong to two social media networking sites: Facebook and LinkedIn. While many Americans have joined a host of other social media networking sites, these two seem to be the most popular among these two age groups. Each site serves a different, important function. Facebook helps individuals connect with their friends and family for largely social purposes. LinkedIn aids individuals in job searching, career networking and promoting their credentials.

Teen workers: Know your wage and hour rights

Summer vacation provides unique educational opportunities and experiences for teenagers that they otherwise might not have the time to embrace. For example, working a seasonal job (or working more hours in the summer) can give teenagers a manageable taste of adult working life.

California flower packers claim unpaid overtime

When California workers feel that they are exploited by their employers, they often want to take action to be fairly compensated. In the current economic climate, most workers are willing to work extra hours, because the additional income could help them make ends meet. However, when they put in those extra hours and the employer fails to compensate them for the overtime, they are bound to feel violated.

Strippers claim back pay from clubs as per wage and hour law

For many years, exotic dancers and strippers have been exploited by certain nightclub owners in California and other states. However, federal judges in several states have ruled in favor of such dancers in recent years. They have ruled that the dancers were, as other workers, entitled to receive a minimum wage as prescribed by the wage and hour law. With rising expenses, it is not uncommon for employers to classify some of their employees as independent contractors in an attempt to trim their costs.

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