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Employment Law & Litigation

The vast body of federal and state employment law impacts virtually all stages of the employment relationship, from interviewing and hiring through termination and retirement. For employers, chief priorities include maintaining compliance with intricate legal requirements and avoiding disputes. For employees, challenges such as wrongful termination, discrimination and sexual harassment can jeopardize your rights and livelihood.

Navigating employment-related legal issues — whether as an employer or employee — requires skill, experience and practical insight. At Watkins & Letofsky, LLP, a full-service civil litigation firm, our legal team provides invaluable guidance for both employers and employees in diverse industries. With convenient offices in Santa Ana and Las Vegas, we represent clients in employment law matters throughout Southern California and Nevada.

Experienced Advocacy In Litigation | Proactive Human Resources Consulting

Our employment law and litigation practice encompasses both representation in disputes and proactive legal counsel. As skilled litigators with decades of experience, our attorneys understand how to pursue clients’ objectives through vigorous advocacy in court or before administrative agencies such as the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, the Nevada Equal Rights Commission and the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Our experience handling employment matters from both sides enhances our well-rounded perspective.

We also advise employers on effective strategies for promoting compliance and mitigating the risk of costly litigation. Our legal team works with employers and human resources departments to structure training sessions, develop employee handbooks, implement internal disciplinary and complaint procedures, and formulate other measures for success. We act as legal coaches and experienced advisers in reviewing employment contracts, severance packages, noncompete agreements and other vital employment-related documents.

Dedicated To Exceeding Clients’ Expectations

Employers and employees alike value our firm’s strong commitment to client service. We use technology to maximize efficiency and availability. Our lawyers are readily accessible via email to address clients’ questions and concerns. We also maintain high levels of organization to meticulously track each legal matter and streamline the process to the fullest extent possible.

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