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3 reasons to stay off social media during a divorce

Social media has significantly changed the cultural landscape. This impact also makes its way into divorce cases. Forbes magazine lays out some of the ways social media can impact a marriage and even be the instigating factor in an impending divorce. 

divorce can take months to complete, and during that time, it may work in your best interest to stay off social media. You may have become accustomed to posting everything on Twitter, Facebook and/ or Instagram, but during a divorce, the less information you put into the public sphere, the better off you will be. Be certain that most things stated will be misconstrued by the other side.

Discrimination based on vacation leave

The laws regarding vacation time can vary from one state to the next. Even if your workplace should provide you with a set number of vacation days, many people are hesitant to take them for fear of losing the job. It is perhaps for this reason many employees only take a fraction of their vacation time off. 

An employer cannot fire you directly because you chose to use your vacation time. As long as you informed the right personnel that you would leave for a while and informed your boss, then you should not face any repercussions for going on vacation. However, there are circumstances where an employer could fire a person on vacation that would be within the bounds of the law

Is your casino employer treating you fairly?

If you work in a casino, you know the hours can be long and the pay is not always the best. That's why you likely often try to work overtime as well. There are many ways casino employers may not treat their employees fairly or provide them with all their benefits and rights under the law.

Have a look at this list of possible violations if you suspect your employer is treating you unfairly in terms of labor laws. Unfortunately, this can be a common area for lawsuits, and securing the assistance of a qualified employment law attorney may be a first step to determining whether you have a case.

Sexual harassment is common at office holiday parties

As the New Year approaches, your workplace may throw a holiday party. These joyous celebrations can be a great way to let loose with your co-workers and have some fun. However, a Christmas or New Year party at your workplace can lead to sexual misconduct

According to a report by The Guardian, office parties during the holiday season are often full of sexual harassment. This is especially true when alcohol is involved. So what should you do if you are a victim of sexual harassment at an office holiday party? Here is a guide to identifying and responding to sexual harassment in these environments. 

When a company does not rein in employee harassment

Uber has brought affordable rides to over 70 nations, including the United States. However, like many other companies in Nevada and elsewhere, it has experienced its share of personnel problems. Some of them include allegations of sexual discrimination and harassment.

According to The New York Times, certain groups of employees received protection from the company to avoid their own accountability for certain behaviors, including sexual harassment and discrimination. Alleged misconduct after the fact included a manager groping female coworkers. Another involved a director shouting at a subordinate with a homophobic insult.

5 tips for co-parenting during the holidays

The most wonderful time of the year is on the way, but you may not be feeling the holiday joy. As a newly-divorced parent, this season can be stressful as you try to figure out parenting time and schedules. Due to the confusion and difficulties, the holidays can become a source of contention. 

But it does not have to be that way. Check out the following tips to learn how you can keep the holidays free of drama and co-parent effectively. 

3 common ways employers discriminate against employees

Most people are aware of the fact that discrimination in the workplace exists. What is not as easy to determine is whether your own employer has used discriminatory practices against you. It is important to understand some of the more common ways that employers may discriminate against potential hires or their own employees so you can protect yourself and stand up for your rights.

If you are unsure whether you have been the target of workplace discrimination, you should gather more information about the employee discrimination laws in your state. For example, in Las Vegas, there are many types of service sector employees who may have experienced discrimination under Nevada's laws prohibiting job discrimination. A qualified attorney can assist you in understanding your rights. Here are a few ways employers may discriminate in the workplace.

Has your construction firm misclassified employees?

The misclassification of independent contractors that companies should list as employees has drawn the rapt attention of the U.S. Department of Labor, the Internal Revenue Service and various state workforce agencies.

This has become a serious issue, and hundreds of businesses have faced prosecution. Regulatory agencies have put together a list of industries that are the most culpable in terms of misclassifications.

Employees have responsibilities to employer regarding FMLA leave

The Family Medical Leave Act is a powerful law that has provided untold numbers of California employees and their families very needed time to take care of their health and well-being when illness or injury occurs. It functions to protect the employee from termination from employment due to not appearing for work, while on a qualified leave. It is different from California’s sick leave law.

Employees have obligations when seeking FMLA

Odd ways employers can legally discriminate against workers

The federal government has enacted laws to protect employees against discrimination. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects workers from being discriminated against based on national origin, sex, religion or race. 

While most workers assume an employer cannot discriminate against them for anything, the truth is far from it. When trying to build a case, an attorney will have to consider whether the type of discrimination a person experienced is, in fact, illegal. 

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