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August 2014 Archives

Labor Department acts to protect transgender employees

In April of 2012, the influential Equal Employment Opportunity Commission held in a case entitled Macy v. Holder that employment discrimination against transgender individuals is indeed considered sex discrimination under the meaning advanced by federal law. This landmark case inspired hope within the LGBT community and among human rights advocates that transgender workers would be subjected to fewer and fewer instances of employment discrimination and that transgender discrimination victims would more easily be able to hold responsible parties accountable in court.

LinkedIn compelled to properly compensate employees

Many young and middle-age adults belong to two social media networking sites: Facebook and LinkedIn. While many Americans have joined a host of other social media networking sites, these two seem to be the most popular among these two age groups. Each site serves a different, important function. Facebook helps individuals connect with their friends and family for largely social purposes. LinkedIn aids individuals in job searching, career networking and promoting their credentials.

When workers suffer from postpartum depression

A significant number of women suffer form some form of postpartum depression or anxiety after they give birth. As the body’s hormone levels surge and consequently strive to adjust to those surges, women can suffer from mood swings, uncharacteristic thought patterns and feeling truly blue. In fact, milder forms of postpartum depression are often referred to as “The Baby Blues.” Most women can successfully weather this milder form of depression for the few weeks that it tends to stick around.

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