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Strippers claim back pay from clubs as per wage and hour law
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Strippers claim back pay from clubs as per wage and hour law

| Apr 18, 2014 | Wage & Hour Claims |

For many years, exotic dancers and strippers have been exploited by certain nightclub owners in California and other states. However, federal judges in several states have ruled in favor of such dancers in recent years. They have ruled that the dancers were, as other workers, entitled to receive a minimum wage as prescribed by the wage and hour law. With rising expenses, it is not uncommon for employers to classify some of their employees as independent contractors in an attempt to trim their costs.

A group of exotic dancers in another state has recently filed a lawsuit against nightclub owners. They claim to have received no compensation other than tips from customers. Furthermore, the tips they received had to be shared with other employees at the nightclubs and the strippers had to pay the club a fee for every shift that they performed.

The club owners claimed that the strippers were autonomous freelancers and rejected all allegations. They filed a countersuit claiming outstanding dance fees from the strippers, along with compensation for the use of the facility and their profiting from the advertising campaigns run by the clubs. The strippers claim backdated remuneration for all the normal and overtime hours they had worked at the club.

The lawsuit filed by the strippers is a class action that provides the opportunity for others who performed at the specific clubs during the past three years to also claim remuneration due to them according to the wage and hour law. Any person in California who believes that they were exploited and are owed remuneration that was unfairly withheld may want to explore their legal options. It may be beneficial for such individuals to seek guidance in analyzing whether he or she is entitled to financial recovery and to develop a course of action for pursuing a claim.

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