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LinkedIn compelled to properly compensate employees
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LinkedIn compelled to properly compensate employees

| Aug 12, 2014 | Wage & Hour Claims |

Many young and middle-age adults belong to two social media networking sites: Facebook and LinkedIn. While many Americans have joined a host of other social media networking sites, these two seem to be the most popular among these two age groups. Each site serves a different, important function. Facebook helps individuals connect with their friends and family for largely social purposes. LinkedIn aids individuals in job searching, career networking and promoting their credentials.

It would seem that given the popularity of LinkedIn, as well as its very purpose, that the business itself would treat its own employees with care. Failure to do so would cause a media and brand-related nightmare. Well, it seems as though LinkedIn failed to think ahead to this eventual reality when it denied its employees a number of benefits they were due. Employees in several states including California have filed wage and hour claims against the company and have won.

According to the International Business Times, LinkedIn has settled these claims in such a way that it will pay $2.5 million in damages and $3.3 million in overtime wages retroactively to several hundred former and current employees. These individuals were not properly compensated for overtime work between the winter of 2012 and 2014.

This case clearly demonstrates that even businesses explicitly concerned with the advancement and visible profile of America’s workers can fail to uphold their wage and hour obligations under the law. If you have not been properly compensated for your work, you are certainly not alone. Please consider speaking with an attorney experienced in employment law in order to explore your legal options.

Source: International Business Times, “LinkedIn To Spend $6M To Compensate Employees For Violating Labor Laws,” Avaneesh Pandey, August 5, 2014