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Do I need a lawyer for my wage and hour issue?
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Do I need a lawyer for my wage and hour issue?

| Sep 15, 2014 | Wage & Hour Claims |

There are some situations in life that compel individuals to seek out the assistance of a trained professional. For example, if you were suffering from a heart attack, you would go to the hospital. Attempting to weather this heart attack without the assistance of professional healthcare providers could prove to be a fatal decision. Similarly, if you are looking to build a house, you would consult a trained contractor as building one on your own could lead to any number of injurious and otherwise unsafe situations.

Legal situations are not always so straightforward. Oftentimes, individuals choose to represent themselves because they think that doing so will save them money or give them more control over a given situation. If you are drafting a simple will or are arguing a traffic ticket in court, you may not technically need the assistance of an attorney. Even in more pressing and important situations, you may not need the assistance of an attorney. However, consulting an attorney in situations that could substantially impact your life may benefit you greatly.

For example, if you are thinking about filing wage and hour claims against your employer for failure to properly compensate you, you may technically pursue these claims on your own. However, it is worth considering hiring an attorney to represent you. Attorneys study the law for years in order to be able to effectively advocate for their clients. Attorneys tend to know all the nuanced details about how to file, when, against whom and what the benefits and potential drawbacks are to filing.

Do you need a lawyer for your wage and hour issue? Maybe and maybe not. But chances are that if your claim is likely to impact your life in any meaningful way that you will probably benefit from speaking with a legal professional before filing your claim.

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