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Divorce rate set to spike in the New Year
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Divorce rate set to spike in the New Year

| Jan 13, 2017 | Family Law |

The holidays are over, and maybe you feel like your marriage is too. You are not alone. The holidays are an extremely stressful time for many couples and as soon as the New Year starts, many people are ready to look seriously at their relationship. They either see the need to resolve their issues or dissolve the marriage.

January is the month during the year when many people start to make inquiries about divorce. In fact, divorce lawyers around the country receive so many emails and calls asking about divorce that they call it divorce month. Research has shown that the process frequently starts in January, and it reaches its peak of filing in March. Why is that?

Common reasons for divorce

The stress of the holiday’s can lead to opening up the Pandora’s Box of old arguments. Couples find themselves fighting, a lot. It is so common that the Huffington Post identified the six most common arguments that couples have during the holiday, which include:

1. Fighting at the in-laws

2. Different holiday traditions

3. Overspending

4. Lazy gift giving

5. Let-down expectations

6. Burnout

Sometimes couples knew before the holidays, and they waited either for practical or emotional reasons. Some people’s decision is financially motivated. Specially, the reason cited is taxes. Many people knew that that their marriage was over already, but wait until January to file so that they would file their taxes together for the previous year.

If there are children involved, many people file for divorce after the holidays so that they can give their family the gift of one last Christmas together. Sometimes it is to give their spouse one last good memory before filing for divorce.

Whatever the reason is, divorce is a difficult and often very painful decision that many people are facing this January. If you are facing a divorce, whether it was planned or is a new possibility that you are looking squarely, and bravely, in the face, you may want to contact a family law attorney to see what the best way to move forward as peacefully as possible for you and your family.