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Good hiring practices to help you avoid accidental discrimination

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2021 | Employment Discrimination |

Employment discrimination can become an issue much sooner than most employers believe. Discrimination often begins in your job ad postings if you are not careful.

For example, requesting only clean-shaven applicants could be construed in several discriminatory ways. It could imply you only want to hire a male worker while accidentally excluding applicants that grow facial hair for religious reasons.

Use these hiring tips to avoid accidental workplace discrimination

Your first step is to make sure your employment advertisements focus only on the job, its description and the necessary qualifications. Never mention anything about appearance, race or gender in your ads. Other tips to consider include:

  • Use job applications written with anti-discrimination laws in mind to avoid putting your applicants on the spot regarding criminal history, age and other protected information.
  • When interviewing applicants, strive to focus on the duties, requirements and responsibilities associated with the position. Determining your applicant’s qualifications for the job should be your only goal.
  • A polite greeting at the start of a job interview is not just acceptable; it is courteous, too. However, avoid asking any personal questions or engaging in unnecessary small talk with your applicants.
  • Consider using the same interview questions for each of your applicants. Taking this approach keeps your interview and hiring practices consistent and free of discriminatory behaviors.

Our world is undergoing a revolutionary change in the way we treat others. It is vital to adopt unbiased methods of posting open jobs, providing legally acceptable applications and interviewing candidates without discrimination.

Many employers in the Santa Ana region of California find it helpful to work with a legal advocate to develop discrimination-free hiring practices. Learning more about the state’s employment laws can also protect you as an employer.