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Is the California minimum wage about to increase?

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2023 | Employment Law For Employers |

If you are an employer, you know that breaching federal or state employment laws could land you in legal trouble and lead to unhappy staff. So it’s crucial to keep up to date with any changes. Employees, too, need to stay informed to ensure their employer gives them the benefits they are entitled to.

Here are some notable changes that the Governor recently signed into state law:

Wages will rise for many California employees

If you do not already pay or earn $16 an hour, you are about to, as that is what the minimum wage will be from Jan. 1. 2024.  It’s a 50-cent rise from the current minimum hourly rate.

Health care workers will soon be entitled to an even higher minimum wage

Events of the past few years have highlighted the crucial role health care workers play in keeping society functioning. SB 525, which comes into effect in June 2024, means that all health care workers will be entitled to at least $25 per hour. However, the rollout is staggered, with workers in some establishments not due to reach that point until 2033. 

What about someone who is already at the new minimum wage?

Let’s say a supervisor already earns what will become the new minimum wage. If those they are set to supervise are set to see a pay increase, does that mean they are entitled to one, too? The law does not require it, but it would make sense that they, too, get a pay rise in respect of their extra responsibilities. That being said, it’s a matter for employers and employees to negotiate.

If you are unsure how the laws will affect you or are worried the wages you’ve paid or received are not compliant with the law, you may want help to understand more.