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What employees should know to protect their rights

All employees in the United States are guaranteed civil liberties under the law, with specific individual rights protected by law from unjust interference. Some of these individual rights include the right to live a life free of sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation and unsafe working conditions.

Employee rights in Nevada

Since modern businesses have existed, there have been disputes about the rights of employers and their workers. In the past, workers often had to endure unreasonably harsh conditions and working environment in order to earn any wages at all, but modern employment laws seek to fix many of these issue.

What rights do temporary workers have?

In our fast-moving economy, there are more temporary workers than ever before. Employers now use contract workers to fill a variety of needs, from long-term to last-minute. Whether you have a job in food service, retail, construction or any other line of work, you're working just as hard as anyone with a permanent job to earn your wages. The economy could not function without you.

Age discrimination is common: Know your rights

Older Americans know all too well that there are certain prejudices against older people. Older people are stereotyped and discriminated against, and old age itself is stigmatized in our youth-obsessed culture. The umbrella term for these attitudes and behaviors is called ageism.

What to know about your employee rights

If you are an employee or are looking for work in California, you have the benefits of some of the most protective employment laws in the United States. While federal law sets some minimum standards that employers must follow, state law sets additional guidelines and gives employees additional rights.

What employers should know about retaliation claims

As we have noted in prior posts, allegations of discrimination can be tough to deal with. They can have a profound effect on an office's culture and produce a chilling effect on creativity. Discrimination claims can also lead to costly lawsuits and judgments, which can ultimately cripple a business.

Why employers should have litigation readiness plans

Ideally, the relationship between a supervisor and a subordinate will be harmonious and productive. Both parties will respect and like working together, and their respective work product will show it. However, this ideal relationship may not be what is currently being experienced between an employee and their supervisor (or the employee and the company for that matter).

Have you suffered employment discrimination due to a disability?

While everyone has certain limitations which they struggle to overcome in life, for individuals who are living with a disability, every day can be full of obstacles and challenges in both one's personal and professional life.

Religious dress discrimination case decided by Supreme Court

If you have ever walked past an Abercrombie & Fitch store, you are likely familiar with the “vibe” that the store attempts to project. Its visual displays and scents can be perceived from surprisingly far away. But perhaps its most significant vibe-related focus is its employees. This store has come under fire in recent years for its policies related to its employee “look” policy. It has specifically come under fire for hiring restrictions based on the perceived physical attractiveness of applicants and the body types of those applicants.

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