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Victims of sexual harassment: don’t be afraid to know your rights

by | Jul 10, 2015 | Sexual Harassment |

There are plenty of people who dread going to work. Maybe they hate their job or don’t like their boss, co-workers or clients. Some people just hate going to work because they would rather not be working.

But there are people who don’t just dread going to work; they are scared to go to work. They may feel unsafe and powerless, yet they still get up, go in and try to get their job done as quickly as possible so they can get out of there. This is often what a typical workday can be like for a person who is being sexually harassed on the job.

Sexual harassment is a serious and pervasive issue for many workers across California. Whether they are being touched inappropriately by a co-worker, subjected to abuse and offensive comments or penalized for refusing to engage in sexual contact with a supervisor, victims of harassment are often faced with ongoing threats to their safety.

Too often, the people who should be able to stop harassment and punish those who mistreat others are the ones who are engaged in the harassment. Further, victims can be made to feel like any unlawful conduct was partially their fault and that if they tell anyone about it, their job and reputation would be in jeopardy.

This is why many victims of harassment feel powerless, embarrassed, ashamed and fearful, and why many people hesitate to speak out about harassment. However, if you are dealing with sexual harassment at work, you are not powerless and you don’t have to deal with this situation by yourself. You have the right to discuss your situation with an attorney and take legal action, if necessary. Having an attorney by your side and reporting misconduct can put a stop to harassment and intimidation and make the workplace safer for you and others.

If you believe you are the victim of sexual harassment in California, we encourage you to visit our law firm’s website to learn more about our background and capabilities in defending the rights of employees.