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Know the warning signs of pregnancy discrimination

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Pregnancy Discrimination |

Pregnant employees have rights in the workplace. Unfortunately, some employers and co-workers treat pregnant employees differently. In these cases, workers may feel harassed and discriminated against just because they are pregnant.

Mistreatment in the workplace because you are pregnant is illegal. You need to understand your rights and be aware of the warning signs of pregnancy discrimination. Some of the ways pregnant employees are discriminated against include:

  • Changes to your job role without a reason for the accommodation
  • Increased criticism of your work
  • Not receiving a raise or promotion you were in line to get before becoming pregnant
  • Being excluded from certain meetings all of a sudden
  • Being demoted or fired without cause

Some of these things are not a sign of discrimination on their own in some cases. However, if you have been subjected to a few of these behaviors in the workplace, it is important to start protecting your rights.

You may be able to file a discrimination claim against your employer. It is important to document any instances of harassment or discrimination to help with your claim. You will need to prove that the actions taken against you were due to your pregnancy and not some of other factor. Having detailed notes and an understanding of your rights will help you with your claim.

No one deserves to be treated poorly because they are pregnant. An attorney can help you understand your legal options if you believe you have been the victim of pregnancy discrimination.