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What is quid pro quo sexual harassment and what can you do about it?

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Sexual Harassment |

When she roasted George Lucas, director of Star Wars, for his lifetime achievement award, the late Carrie Fisher, cracked the joke, “I hope I slept with you to get the job, because if not, who was that guy?”

Ms. Fisher used humor to bravely cut to the heart of a serious issue. She was referring to one of the most common forms of sexual harassment, quid pro quo, meaning something for something.

Quid pro quo is where an individual is asked to give a sexual favor in exchange for a job related benefit. It can be a job offer, client career advancement, or simply keeping a job.

According to a recent article in Forbes, here are eight steps to take if you’re being sexually harassed at work:

1. Document any quid pro quo

2. Document any comments and different treatment you’ve received.

3. Keep your notes in a safe place

4. Gather your evidence

5. Report the harassment at work

6. File a complaint with the EEOC

7. Find a good lawyer

8. Get the heck out of there

Sexual harassment in the workplace is pervasive – and normally fits into two different categories – quid pro quo and unwanted sexual attention or pressure that creates a work environment. Every situation is unique, but serious. If you feel that you have been harassed, and feel that you have a claim, you should contact a lawyer today.