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Common blunders that may lead to employee claims

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Firm News |

As a business owner, you like to run a tight ship. However, you also understand that you still have a lot to learn as far as dealing with employee relations and all the rules and regulations that govern your business.

You worked hard to get this far, and you do not want to watch it all go up in smoke over employee relation problems. It is a good idea to step back and evaluate the practices and procedures you have in place that you may need to revisit. Steer clear of some of the most common missteps small business owners make that lead to employment law troubles.

No workplace handbook

As a new boss, it is important that you think of the policies and procedures you want to implement. Create an employee handbook that sets out the expectations you have for the company and how you want your workers to act. You may want to consider modeling the handbook after another company’s rules with similar values, or you may want to consult a specialist to help you get something in place. Make sure every employee signs an acknowledgment.

Improperly dealing with complaints

With a mix of personalities working in one place, there is bound to be conflict either between the employees or with management. Since your business is fresh, you may not have the knowledge to deal with conflict properly. Make a record of the complaints and subsequent investigation of the raised issues. Mishandling the investigation of such a matter may leave you wide open for legal action.

Understand the state employment laws

While federal laws governing some elements of how labor laws exist, California has additional rules companies need to follow. For instance, if an employee is to work over six hours in one day, after five hours of work, an employee gets a 30-minute meal break. The employer must keep records of the times in and out for each worker as well.

Getting a handle on these things can help prevent legal action against your budding business.