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What to look for when you receive an employee contract

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2023 | Employment Law For Workers |

When a company hires you, you will likely sign a contract outlining your employment terms. The purpose of a contract is to protect everyone’s interests – including yours.

However, not all employee contracts are equal, and it is smart to make sure that the one you sign includes important information that will ensure you have the means to protect your rights.

Poorly drafted contracts may lead to unfairness, confusion and uncertainty. When reviewing an employee contract, be sure the following information is included.

Your employee classification

How are you being hired? This is an important factor to look at. Each type of worker – full-time staff, part-time employee or self-employed individual – has unique legal rights and tax obligations. Be sure the classification in the contract reflects how you are being hired. You should also have information about benefits, time off and other legal rights outlined in the contract.

Benefits and salary

Even if you love your job, you work to get paid. You need to ensure your compensation and what you are told will be fair. Making sure that your salary and benefits information is included in your employee contract gives you documentation to use if you are not paid what you are promised in the future.

Privacy considerations

You and your employer should respect one another’s privacy. Your privacy rights and the companies should be included in your contract. This ensures you know what to expect regarding the personal information you provide when you are hired.

Protecting your rights with a fair employment contract

Your relationship with your employer needs to be based on trust and a mutual understanding of the terms of your employment. Having an employment contract covering all the basics regarding your rights will help you protect yourself if an issue arises. You should also learn what rights you have to enforce an employment contract if needed.