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Are you aware of these new labor laws in California?

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2023 | Employment Law For Employers |

California has very strict labor laws for companies to follow. These are all geared toward ensuring employees have a safe work environment. These laws change often, and there are several new ones that went into effect in January of 2023.

Understanding these laws can help to protect your business.

Minimum wage

As of Jan. 1, 2023, the minimum wage in California is set at $15.50 per hour. There are some counties and cities that have a higher minimum hourly wage. For example, Los Angeles County has a minimum wage of $15.96, the city of Los Angeles has a minimum wage of $16.04 and West Hollywood has a minimum wage of $17 to $17.50 depending on employer size.

Overtime wages

Individuals who work in the agricultural industry have new overtime laws. Employers who have at least 26 employees must pay overtime after 40 hours per week or 8 hours per day. Those who have 25 or fewer employees must pay overtime after 50 hours per week or 9 hours per day.

Quota laws

Warehouses institute quotas to try to keep employees working at an optimal pace, but those are sometimes unreasonable. There are now laws to help prevent quotas from violating labor laws, including employers clearly informing employees of quotas and information related to them.

It’s crucial for all employers to comply with all labor laws. Combating labor law violation claims from employees can take a considerable amount of time and money. It’s best to head these matters off before they become a problem, so be sure you understand exactly how to protect your business.