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Why your small business needs a company handbook

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2024 | Employment Law For Employers |

Your small business only has a few employees, and you’ve always handled every major employment issue individually – and somewhat informally.

Unfortunately, that can lead to erratic results and uneven application of rules – and that’s a recipe for a lawsuit. If you want to protect your small business, the moment you start hiring employees is the right time to invest in a company handbook. Here’s why:

You need the legal protection

You have a duty to inform your employees of certain rights and you have to comply with labor laws, non-discrimination policies and safety regulations. Putting all of those legal requirements in writing so that you can give them to your employees at once can help avoid legal issues later. 

You can establish clear expectations

You can also protect your company’s interests by setting clear expectations for work hours, attendance and requests for time off. You can also establish a “code of conduct” for your employees that can include dress codes, behavior standards and ethics. That can avoid ambiguity and help you 

You create consistency in operations

Allegations of unfair or disparate treatment are a major source of employee lawsuits. By laying out expectations, disciplinary procedures and steps an employee can take when they have a problem, you create a framework for your whole operation for how problems will be handled. Those guidelines can prevent mistakes that lead to claims of discrimination or retaliation.

Employee handbooks have to be crafted with care. Experienced guidance can help make certain that your company’s handbook meets all the necessary legal requirements and protects your company the way it should.