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Important points for pregnant job seekers and employees

by | Sep 3, 2015 | Pregnancy Discrimination |

If you are in the market for entry level jobs and retail work, the season is favorable for job seekers. The monthly jobs report is coming and it is likely show that the economy is adding jobs at a steady, yet slow rate. This means that jobs are out there, but it is not a guarantee that every candidate will get hired for every job.

This may lend some difficulty to those looking for work while pregnant. Essentially, there may be some employers who may be ambivalent about hiring a pregnant employee; either because they do not know about some of the rules that protect pregnant workers, or they are simply discriminating against them and are certain that these employees will not complain.

With that said, it is important for pregnant job seekers (and employees) to know their rights and options.  This post will provide some tips.

The type of company you work for is important – With regard to how many employees your company has, this will help in knowing whether federal  or state anti-pregnancy discrimination laws will apply. The Family Medical Leave Act, for example, will apply to employers who have 50 employees or more.

Look into the type of leave that is available – In addition to the legal protections you may have, your employee handbook should have some details on how much time off you are allowed to attend prenatal appointments, as well as instructions for taking maternity leave.

Don’t be afraid to ask – Invariably, you may need time off here and there deal with nausea, as well as unexpected aches and pains. You may also need an accommodation to coincide with work restrictions imposed by your doctor.