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How to prevent employment litigation in your business

by | Jul 19, 2017 | Blog |

When an employee brings a lawsuit against you, you can fight it with the help of your attorney. Regardless if you win or lose, this route costs time and money, harms your company’s reputation, and drives away current and potential employees.

Better than a strong defense in court is a strong human resources department. The point of this department is to prevent problems from turning into litigation. Your attorney can offer guidance to your HR staff to minimize legal issues.

Why your human resources department matters

The purpose of HR is to enforce compliance with employment regulations and manage any problems that arise concerning employee relations. The department does this by handling discrimination claims, investigating other violations and training all workers on company protocol. If HR does its job properly, there should be fewer complaints and disputes from employees.

How a lawyer improves HR management

As qualified as your human resources department is, the staff members are most likely not legal professionals and may not know the best route to take regarding a certain situation. This is where your lawyer comes in to offer counsel. However, a lawyer not only can advise on how to handle problems but also can detect them early so they do not become major issues. Some of the tasks an attorney can assist in to accomplish this goal are:

  •        Reviewing current work policies on everything from hiring to termination
  •        Developing a protocol on complaints and investigations
  •        Drafting employee contracts
  •        Evaluating business risks to reduce potential for liability

Depending on your company and its needs, your lawyer may help with other responsibilities as well. If you hesitate to use a lawyer due to the additional costs, remember that your business will be saving money in the long run by avoiding wasting time and money on lawsuits. Utilizing an employment attorney in a consulting capacity will ensure HR functions correctly and effectively to avoid anything from reaching the courtroom.