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Is your casino employer treating you fairly?

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Blog |

If you work in a casino, you know the hours can be long and the pay is not always the best. That’s why you likely often try to work overtime as well. There are many ways casino employers may not treat their employees fairly or provide them with all their benefits and rights under the law.

Have a look at this list of possible violations if you suspect your employer is treating you unfairly in terms of labor laws. Unfortunately, this can be a common area for lawsuits, and securing the assistance of a qualified employment law attorney may be a first step to determining whether you have a case.

Unpaid overtime

One of the most common ways employers may not treat their hourly employees fairly is by withholding or not paying overtime wages. An article in Forbes stated employers have a variety of ways they may use to avoid paying overtime pay. To know whether your employer must pay you for overtime – that is, pay equivalent to time and a half for each hour worked over 40 per week – you should first understand if you are an exempt employee. Employers must pay overtime to non-exempt employees. The United States Department of Labor determines who is exempt. Another way to determine your status is to consult with an employment lawyer.

Unpaid meal and rest breaks

Perhaps your employer has told you rest breaks and meal breaks are unpaid. However, this may be illegal. In Nevada, generally, employees can have a 30-minute paid meal break for every five hours worked. A paid 10-minute break is also generally expected for every four hours worked. Although there can sometimes be exceptions to these rules, the broad guidelines apply in many cases. Do not let your employer convince you your meal breaks and rest breaks are “off the clock” unless you have researched whether this is actually true under the law in your particular situation.

There are many other areas where employers may take advantage of their casino employees in Las Vegas. It can be in your best interest to speak to an employment law attorney about your options.