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Female food service workers face considerable sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2021 | Sexual Harassment |

People who wait tables in restaurants are often depended upon tips to earn a living. This means that they have to do what they can to make their customers happy. While many people who visit restaurants base their tips solely on the quality of the service of their food, others seem to think their tips entitle them to take “liberties” with their servers.

More than 70% of women who work in the restaurant service industry report that they’ve experienced sexual harassment. This can mean anything from being called things like “sexy” or “sweetie” to being groped as they approach the table. The key here is that the sexual advances are unwanted

Sexual harassment doesn’t always come from customers

While sexual harassment by customers is a huge problem, women in food service also face this type of behavior from their co-workers, supervisors, and others they come into contact with during a shift. This even includes some restaurant owners. 

Because of the dependence on having a decent number of tables, a good section, and enough hours to make what they need, many servers who rely on tips won’t speak up when they face sexual harassment. This means that the prevalence of sexual harassment soars in the industry. 

When you’ve been subjected to sexual harassment at work, fight back

All workers in the service industry have the right to a workplace that’s free from sexual harassment. When sexual harassment comes into the picture, speaking up is necessary. The risk of being retaliated against is great. Working with a lawyer who’s familiar with this area of the law may be beneficial for those who are facing this type of situation. This can help them to learn their options and move forward.