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Can you talk about your wages with other workers?

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2022 | Employment Law For Workers |

Some employers try to keep how much their employees make confidential. While it’s true that the employer shouldn’t publicize specific employee pay rates, those employers can’t stop the employees themselves from discussing their pay. 

The National Labor Relations Act established the law that says employees are free to discuss their wages. This is important for workers because it minimizes the chance of wage discrimination. 

Are there any limitations on this right?

Workers can discuss their wages at any place and time they feel compelled. The only exception to this is when the employer forbids all non-work conversations while the employee is working. It’s illegal for employers to tell employees that they can’t talk about their wages verbally or in any form when they aren’t on the clock. 

Employees must remember that they may not be able to have these discussions through employer equipment, such as by sending emails through a company account or computer. It’s best to use your own device if you’re going to relay your pay information electronically.

Can employers discipline employees for discussing pay?

All forms of retaliation are forbidden when it comes to employees discussing their wages. They can’t cut pay, write up employees, or fire people just because they talk about how much money they make with the company. 

If you’ve been warned, written up, fired or otherwise disciplined because you chose to discuss your pay or any other employment concerns with your co-workers, you may have a right to take action. Find out more about your legal options, today.